The Connection between Sports and Chess

Many Grandmasters suggest that a healthy mind is part of what makes a health body. A good example of this is Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk who in ever few days or so runs in some competition.

However I'm going to discuss more of the connection between team sports.

So, first off is football

Everyone are a bunch of pawns and you QB is the King Cool

A sack is a check something like this

where you have to move away or in football eat dirt.






Next we have soccer,

Your players are the pawns and the Goalie the Queen , and the goal post is the King.

When some scores a goal that we can consider that a check.

When a team loses well Checkmate!


  • 5 years ago


    tanas man, you think outside the box.  and congrats on being among the best chess teams in the whole state of florida.  your reputation precedes and post cedes you:)  mr l

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