2008 SC Open, Round 4

Here is my fourth round game from the 2008 South Carolina Open with full annotations and commentary:

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am always looking to find where I could have improved throughout the course of the game and I am trying to understand what I can learn from the game for the future.


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    A good game but the loss of the white squared bishop is almost sinful!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the feedback Bentley1958. It was quite useful to see another player's opinions.

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    First of all you played well :-), but.......

    I'm a Torre/Trompowsky player but during my last 30 years it happens that I played the Colle too :-)

    So your move 4.dxc5! was the best

    But your move 5 is allready not the right choice. In positions like this, if a bishop can give a check, the place of the knigt is "d2", but if a queen gives a check , the place of the knight is "c3" !!!

    Same with your move 8.Bc4, Qb3 must be played. All counter-play must be avoided.

    But your move 9.Bxd5 is allready a big mistake !! The whole opening idea is based on this bishop !!! And you give it away for nothing !!! After youre move I like allready to play with black against you :-)

    10.0-0 I play 10..e5! and I don't like to be white anymore :-)

    So when playing the Colle your opening play must be a little bit adjusted :-).

    Ok,after this there are some minor mistakes at both sides, but here again the first moves come into consideration, so I don't wanna talk about. It was "nearly" ok from the white side, it could have been won easier.

    So for example 28.Bxe5! must have been seen :-)

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    28... Qc5 critical error  indeed

     That was a good game. You played well.

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