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    • Chess Resources

      Chess Resources: It seems that I am not able to publish the links to these places/resources (which is annoying).  I apologize!!  But you can google based on what I've provided to find and use them! Engines/Programs: stockfish [engine/ de... | Read More

    • Playing in the Premier section

      Last weekend I traveled to downtown Philadelphia to play in the National Chess Congress, a three day chess-fest of peeps, sitting and pushing bishops, rooks, pwns, and horsies (see titled players [noob master cough, cough]  can call them horsie... | Read More

    • Achieving NM!

      How to attain NM or any level of chess: play chess games and learn from them.  Use your resources: start with Google.  Now that I have answered that question for all time: The following annotated games show how I review my games although I am l... | Read More

    • My game against GM Gareev!

      This was a blindfold simul game (1 of 6) given by GM Timur Gareev at 25' + 25" increment time control.  Thanks to Timur for an outstanding game by him and also a shout-out thank you to IM Rensch for his lively commentary on TV (which I... | Read More

    • Your Games Analyzed

      Today I was fortunate enough to have one of my games analyzed by IM David Pruess (dpruess) on chess tv.  I really enjoyed the show and David's ideas and a few others contributed with interesting suggestions as well. Below is the PGN of the game w... | Read More