The Ten Chess Commandments

If there are ten commandments in business, church, institutions and military organisations - why not in chess?!

So these are the Ten Commanments in Chess:

1. Thou shalt have to play chess only and no other mind games to have.

2. Every time you play chess  - just focus, play and do chess only whether in tournament play or friendly one.

3. Do not swear and demean chess at all time even you are in a losing streak or in bad state.

4. Let your parent or guardian know that you play chess whole-heartedly and will love them in supporting you all the way.

5. Never steal a chess book but buy or photocopy for your own used only.

6. Do not envy if the other chess player won a game or the tournament.

7. Do not cheat in any chess game friendly or official game.

8. Chess is not only a game but will return good result to you if you play good game.

9. Never discourage a chess player but encourage them.

10. Be a good chess player always and friendly to all chess player.

This only a draft of my ten commandments of chess that is to be re-written as soon  as possible.

Enjoy, love and be searching for more brilliancy in you chess games...



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    Salamat po, mare po ako sir. Hahaha

  • 5 years ago


    well done, pare..hope we could share more by making blogs and share our thoughts about chess in general..

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    Here it is then=)

    5) Thou shall not think more than 5 times before moving or risk losing in default. Chess having more than a couple of millions variations can not possibility be mastered even by a super computer. No such thing as a perfect chess game.

    6) Thou shall never accept that what you can do is limited by things such as brain capacity. Nonsense, the brain can hold information several million volumes of encyclopedia, with room to spare, and how can you limit that by couple of chess moves and openings?

    7) Thou shall build defense before attacking. The best defense is attack they say. Granted that your opponent doesn't know this as well. Assume he/she thinks the same way. So go ahead, and build your defenses as well. The king does know how to defend itself, only, one square at a time.

    8) Thou shall not accept that you're the one at fault for being a good chess player. When you're opponent began name calling you, assume that that's because he, and not you, got the problem. If you're good at what you do, since when is it your fault (and whould it even be considered a flaw, people's insecurity working obviously)? Wow.

    9) Thou shall not let your queen attack as a lone warrior. When your queen start waging war, how about you send in the back-ups? She might be powerful, but there is no such thing as a one woman team.=)

    10) Thou shall share your tactics with kababayans such as myself. And that would be the best commandments of all. Hehehe

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    assignment mo yung anim sir..within 72 hours, youi have to pass it ha?!

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    Oo nga eh, kaya lamang po, apat lang naisip ko. Hehehe

  • 5 years ago

    Pinoy_Tigran should be 'ten commandments in responce to chess games'..

    thanks..kulang pa anim kabayan...

  • 5 years ago


    Hm.. May I suggest:

    1) Thou shat not kill your queen's enemy? Otherwise you would have created an environment where the brain mentally shuts down, and a couple of seconds to figure out (where do I go from here). Hehehe

    2) Thou shall never play against someone more than 10 times (a day) or you would had taught that someone all "your tactics" and art of war so said Napoleon B...

    3) Thou shall sleep (every now and then) and give yourself a chance to recuperate from all the stress it had to endure from deep thinking. If you can't sleep, at-least take a nap.=)

    4) Thou shall accept the possibility that your opponent does want to win as well. No harm accepting defeat if it is inevitable.

    Magandang araw sa yo, kababayan=)

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