PrettyGoPale's Travails

    • I'm back

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    • Blame it on the Cats

      Erstwhile suet blob and professional bed-wetter Aritsokatt -- on the verge of suffering a humiliating beat-down at the hands of the wildly popular Pretty Go Pale -- has reached a new level of absurdity in explaining his soon-to-be-completed defeat... | Read More

    • Katt Is on The Ropes, As Body Parts Fly!!!

      With my having ripped away his pathetic rook, Aristokatt -- in the greatest battle in world history -- is now on the ropes, his attled brain serving as a punching bag for my superior intellect. h... | Read More

    • The Hellish Savagery Continues

      The innards-spilling battle that is the chess match between the loathsome Arisokatt and heroic Pretty Go Pale is reaching a fever pitch.  Katt, protege of Scipio the Syphilitic, is down a pawn, and his girly-screams of rage and agony grow louder ... | Read More

    • Bloodbath Update

      For the not-faint-of-heart, the mother of all chess gore-fests is well underway, as I move to crush Aristokatt, despicable godson of Ooster the Moist-Jowled. http:... | Read More

    • The Bloodiest, Most Vicious Chess Match -- Ever!!!

      It’s ON!!!! Beginning today, the most mean-spirited, vicious chess match to ever come down the pike gets underway when I set forth to destroy and utterly humiliate my life-long nemesis: the vile and reprehensible entity known here as Aristokat... | Read More

    • A Pause of Flaws

      "Defeat grows near, so you retreat to inactivity – petulant delays that reflect your immaturity – arrogant displays wrought by bloated vanity. Rationalize.  Rationalize.  Rationalize."   | Read More

    • Over

      My self-imposed hiatus from accepting challenges here at is now over.  If you'd like to play a game, challenge away. | Read More

    • "March of The Mean Sun"

      "March of The Mean Sun" Half-a-century approaching. Shadows start to creep. Feel time encroaching. Moving closer to The Sleep. She says, “You’re a has-been.” You say, “No – I’m a never-was.” Cold comfort in the laughter. Bu... | Read More

    • "Putty"

      "Putty" "And all her whispers find purchase deep inside my mind. Cause me to lose my way, til’ I’m left far behind.   And all my pretty pawns, disappear as comes the dawn. Every square takes on her name, til’ all my hope is gone.... | Read More