Pressure not to falter

Below is the fourth game I played (today) for my club in the external competition.

The opposing team had some very strong and some weaker players (I think I played one of the weaker ones). We lost all of the first three games to finish (out of a total of eight games) so things were looking grim. However, the next three games to finish gave us three points, making the score 3-3. By that time I had reached a position where I had two connected passed pawns, a position that I should be able to win easily. Considering my whole team was watching, counting on me to bring home the much needed point, and that I messed up the last game where I reached a winning endgame (see my previous blog), I really felt the pressure..



I finished just before the last guy from our team who got a draw out of a very difficult position. That gave us the win 4.5-3.5! That game looked really interesting so I'll try to get my hands on it and post it here as well.


  • 7 years ago


    The trap is very deadly but it isn't the kind of trap you would have to miss.. I think Qxb5 fully deserves the double question marks.

    That being said your opponent was already pretty much lost at that point, so you definitely earned the point in style.

    Good game, nice annotations!

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