The hitchhiker's guide to throw a way a completely won endgame

Yesterday I played for my chess club in the external competition for the first time. It was a tense game with initative swapping sides a couple of times. After a series of exchanges I ended up with a pawn up and a winning endgame. By that time we had been playing for over four hours and I was nervous not to make a mistake. I managed to promote my pawn and my opponent traded his rook for my newly born queen. I should have kept my cool, but I lost it and traded my rook for a pawn, in the belief that I could promote one of my other pawns, which turned out to be a hallucination. After that I was fighting for a draw. I managed to keep the draw, but I thoroughly hated myself after the game for throwing it away. The game is below with full annotations. Enjoy!


Now, after analyzing the game my self hatred is starting to faint. I did play a nice game and although I threw away my win, my team still won 6-2. It was only my first competition game and slipping (albeit badly) after four and a half hours of play is, I guess, human. Just a sign I need to practice more!


  • 7 years ago


    56. ..c3 would have earned you the appreciation of mr. Mueller. A shame to throw the endgame like that, but at least you did draw which is still better than how some of my stunts have turned out.

    All in all I really agree that this was a nice game. Strong tactical play too!

    Oh and unrelated to this topic: what about the tons of CC games you are playing right now Wink?

  • 7 years ago


    Pretty hard blunder,but can happen to anyone.You were in time troubles?

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