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    • A few tips

      Some tips, which can help you, improve your chess faster.   1.     Play against opponents, who are stronger. 2.     Try to play 1.e4 and 1...e5(on 1.e4) and 1...d5( on 1.d4). 3.     Play principle opening variations (with good cen... | Read More

    • Online Training "Understanding"

        Online Training "Understanding" This training is based on courses “Understanding.Evaluation” and “Understanding.Plan”. Each training will consist of 2 days. First day I will tell main points, show many examples, you will solve most of... | Read More

    • December Competition

      Theme of December's competition is "Best chess game". Game must be played by you in OTB tournament or in the internet. Game must be played before December,5.   Authors of 3 best games (IMHO) will get prizes.PayPal is preferable way to get mon... | Read More

    • November competition

      I will make a little competition every month. Theme of November's competition is "How does chess help me in life".It could be a short article or story.Authors of 3 more interesting stories(IMHO) will get prizes. Prizes: 1st place - 4 (15min) g... | Read More

    • 3 main rules for opening.

      I made a short funny video, which consist 3 main rules for opening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RneC0hgFz8 | Read More

    • Live broadcast.4 games.

      I was playing in the tournament one week ago. I would like to show 4 of my games from this tournament. You will see how step by step I improve all pieces. I will tell about important moments during the game. Broadcast will be on Sunday(October,... | Read More

    • Chess Match MSU - RSSU

      The match between Moscow State University (MSU) and Russian State Social University (RSSU) select teams was held in honor of the 100th birthday of M.M. Botvinnik, the 6th world chess champion. There were 100 games played, both select teams tried ... | Read More

    • Understanding.Plan

      I continue the series of courses intended for development of chess understanding.I have been preparing this course for 2 months. First of all, it should be noted that I believe only in a practical way of training. Any theoretical lesson can be go... | Read More

    • The 26th World Universiade.Before the last round

      I have 6 points from 8 games. http://chess-results.com/tnr54659.aspx?art=1&rd=8&lan=11 I will play against stongest Chinese chess player Wang Yue (Elo Fide 2709). The last round will be on August,21 at 9 a.m.(China Time);5 a.m.(Moscow T... | Read More

    • The 26th World Universiade.Start

      The 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen was opened by His Excellency Mr Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China on 12th August. This is the Summer Games held every two years for university students. 152 countries are represented. ... | Read More