Time Wasters

Hi There fellow chess players, just me having a moan again about the many bad sports I have sadly found using this site, the people who on finding themselves in lost positions refuse to resign but slink away into the sunset leaving you to win the game on time, it just seems so pointless and against the spirit of the game, but I suppose it is better than cheating.take care.

                                                      Happy Trails

                                                           Ranger Bob


  • 2 years ago


    brendons229 has lost but he didnot made his last move and made me wait 29 min' so the game wont end and i will waist my time waiting for the game to end og resign...wher do i comlain?

  • 4 years ago


    oh my, have one such situation now, 14 day game, complete loosing situation for my opponent, but he refuses to resign .... what can be done?



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