An Open Letter to my Adversaries

I've played 416 games on this site, which makes me #40 in most games played out of several thousand members. I have 332 points which puts me in the top 50. I'd say that gives me the right to talk on any topic I so choose. So to my adversaries, I say just sit down and shut up.

Why is ONE MOVE PER THREE DAYS so hard for these brainiacs to understand? 



  • 2 years ago


    Maybe they'll learn, some day ?     Undecided

  • 9 years ago


    you also have a rating under 1100, which would put you in the top..... 2000???  Yeah way to go on arguably the single most important part of playing the actual chess.     At least Loomis will get a break now that you're gone!!!
  • 9 years ago


    not a problem here, but then  i am intellegent, lol


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