How do I do it?

People are asking me how do I create these posts that have 750 and 500 views. Titles are important to a good flame war. You need to jump off the screen and grab the reader, make him open that door. Just like a tabloid. OK, everyone's all upset about my suggesting the #5 player on here is a bot. He obviously is according to the facts given to me by a strange man in a trench coat and dark glasses in an underground mall parking garage. But that's not the point people are arguing. They are mad because I dared to suggest he wasn't real. Not that he was a guy cheating mind you, but someone who's developed a bot that's playing 20 hrs a day. Put that in your pipe and smoke it guys.


  • 9 years ago


    Why must you start conflict? I hypothesize that you are overcompensating for the monkey playing better chess than you. You would think that after 395 games you would have learned a bit about the game of chess. But as the old guys say, chess is like life. And you haven't learned from life, so why should we expect you to learn chess?



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