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    • S. Reshevsky VS R. Fischer 16 Game Match 1961 (Round 3)

      In 1961 Samuel Reshevsky began a 16-game match with the then-current U.S. Champion Robert Fischer; it was jointly staged in New York and Los Angeles. Despite Fischer's recent meteoric rise, consensus opinion favored Reshevsky. Sammy was held in mu... | Read More

    • R. Fischer VS S. Reshevsky 16 Game Match 1961 (Round 2)

      To settle who was the better player once and for all, Jacqueline Piatigorsky organized a 16 game match between Reshevsky and the then-current U.S. Champion Robert James Fischer.         The match was to be held in New York and Los Angeles.... | Read More

    • S. Reshevsky VS R. Fischer 16 Game Match 1961 (ROUND 1)

      Samuel Reshevsky is my all-time favorite chess player, not just because I studied with him in the 1980s, but also because of his interesting and exciting career which began at age four.  And even though there was a fierce rivalry between Bobby Fi... | Read More

    • Paul Morphy VS The Duke and The Count

      I have always been a fan of the American Chess Master Paul Morphy.  Being from the same general area where he was born and lived, I have traveled on Morphy Avenue many times.  I also taught a summer course in the college where Morphy  attended ... | Read More

    • My Favorite Chess Books

      My Favorite Chess Books  In the time leading up to the World Chess Championship match in 1972, critics said that Boris Spassky didn’t play with enough “fire” and determination in his matches and by the time he faced Bobby Fischer, the chall... | Read More