Playing e4 with the white pieces...

E4, the Bobby Fischer way!


  • 4 years ago


    Five Reasons to Know Something About Everything in the Chess OPenings

    1. You need to have some information in order to make meaningful choices.

    2.Transpositions take place frequently

    3.Ideas from one opening can be applied to other openings.

    4. Sometimes you reach a position in an opening with "colors reversed"

    5.You can improve your overall play by practicing in different kinds of middlegame positions resulting from various openings.

    Two Reasons to Study Open Games First...They are the most dangerous to your opponent ...

    You'll learn to make combinations, which abound in the open games.

    Fine Moves...Whenever possible, make a good developing move that threatens something,

    Two questions must be answered before making a move: 1)How it affects the center...2. how it fits with the development of your other men.

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