Road to 2000

1200-2000 in less than three years...

    • Rook Endings: Following Rubinstein 1

           Good time of day to you, my dear chess friends.  I've recently come to realize a few things about myself, and more relevant to this blog, my chess. The first is that I have not done well to keep this blog true to its original purpose, whi... | Read More

    • Shaking off the Rust: Amateur Team North

      Hello, dear readers.  It's been quite some time since I've posted an update on my recent tournament results. My last classical tournament was in late February at the Amateur Team North competition in Schaumburg, Illinois. I played fourth board in... | Read More

    • Tactics Training #1

      In this short blog post, I'm going to share some fun tactics puzzles I've been working on, both by myself and with my University Chess Team. Try solving them and posting in the comments. I'll post the solutions and relevant variations after some p... | Read More

    • Studying the Classics: 1889 WCC

      Good time of day to you my chess friends, While I know it has been quite some time since I last updated any interesting material on this blog that was not related to some recent tournament in which I competed, I would like to return to more study... | Read More

    • My World Open: Fireworks and Falling Short

      Good time of day to you my dear chess friends, As promised in my last post on analysis in the Scandinavian, I am here to day to bring you some analysis of interesting games and positions from my games at the World Open U2000 played during the fou... | Read More

    • Recent Studies: How to Handle the Scandinavian

      Good time of day to you my dear chess friends,        I still need to make a post for the 2014 World Open which took place on the 4th of July Weekend in Arlington, VA, where I finished with  6/9 (quite disappointing). In the meantime, here... | Read More

    • One Lucky Step Closer: Chicago Open 2014

      It's been awhile since my last tournament (October of last year), and I expected going in to the Chicago Open this year to be completely out of form.  My only "training" was in the week prior to the event, when I did a few hours of tactics traini... | Read More

    • King's Tournament 2013 Round 1: Grunfeld Fights Back!

        Hello all! Here is a game from round 1 of the King's Tournament which is currently active where Caruana starts off with a win as black in the Grunfeld.  He takes on the 5.h4 topic variation with a very principled approach, perhaps invent... | Read More

    • Clash of Titans: 1929 WCC Match and the Birth of Modern Chess

      It is often understood that chess has evolved in a very linear progression since the beginning of its recorded history.  A plethora of books discuss the very clean advance from the era of the 'Romantics' (Morphy and the Andersson-Steinitz match c... | Read More

    • My US Open: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

      Hello everyone.  I recently competed in 2013 US Open held in Middleton, Wisconsin (although advertised in Madison).  It was fun to play in such a large and competitive tournament so close to home (I am from Milwaukee).  I met many strong player... | Read More