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    • My <2 Year Old Son Invents New Chess Opening

      My son, Xander, and I play chess all the time. He absolutely loves it although we are still working on what each piece is named.He did astonish me yesterday by inventing a new opening, the likes of which the Kasparov's and Carlsen's of the world h... | Read More

    • Best Chessmen Ever

      After over a year of contemplating, I finally picked up a set of BCE S1 Tournament Chessmen from .I ordered the set and it arrived in perfect condition, packed very adequately, and came only a couple days after my payment was ... | Read More

      • SirBenjamin
      • | Mar 19, 2015
    • Jonny vs. Justin 1/21/2015

      Notes for my brother, Jonny, per his request.Hey Buddy, Here are my comments of the game. This is all amateur mistakes. I don't mean to be crude here on my comments, but I would recommend practicing tactics/board awareness to take advantage of mis... | Read More

    • Iowa Meet-Up ... Round 2

      I am showing off my Round 2 game against Merlin-Pendragon. I made the mistake of playing too passively, and the fearless leader of Team Iowa played a great game taking advantage of my mistakes. Hats off, Merlin! | Read More

    • Drawing on a Clean Slate

      A new student of mine is a dad of two. The older, his 7 year old, has recently discovered chess at school and was telling him about the pieces and how it works. That was all the motivation he needed to start learning this game. It is very humbling... | Read More

    • Recent game 10|0

      | Read More

    • Designing the World Chess Championship

      While the World Chess Championship has come and gone, with a somewhat controversial ending to an otherwise fantastic event, many will quickly forget about all the work that goes into this type of production.  It was held at London's Institute of ... | Read More

    • Published Chess Articles

      2/6/2012 - Becoming a Chess Coach - 10/27/2009 - A Chess Beginner's Guide: From a Beginner's Perspective - | Read More

    • New Players & Predicting your Opponent's Plan

      Written to help a friend analyze a game.  Game is heavily notated.  Thinking from black's perspective. | Read More

    • Playing Hank Anzis

      This holiday was great.  It was my first Thanksgiving with my amazing girlfriend Jaime & her family.  I also had the chance to squeak in a little chess with an Iowa Chess LEGEND, Hank Anzis.  For those of you who don't know him, Hank is the... | Read More