Someone please explain to me whether or not i can win in this position


  • 5 years ago


    Firstl off,  I don't see how you can lose here. BTW whose move is it?? Even if you give up your Kt for Black's pawn you can hardly lose, K+R+B vs K+R after/IF you lose both your pawns is rarely a win for the guy/gal with the extra piece.

    Play it out vs the computer as White and/or vs your own chess playing program if you have one (there's several good free ones out there BTW). OR just do what I would do here (being the bonehead that I am) start doing a "brute force" search to find a win for White or draw for Black, but definitely use a chess program to record all your analyis! This will hone up your analytical and endgame skills. You can always double-check your analysis with a much-better player (or chess program)

    If you can't win as White vs the PC play the Black side and see what the silicon monster does to win.

    If you still don't "get it" after trying all of the above send me a note, if I have time I'll play it out with you (unrated game) and try to win as White.

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