Why I hate soccer (and FIFA), part 2

The last weekend of World Cup Soccer was the most shameful display of officiating the world has ever seen.  Thank you FIFA!  You proved just about every point I made in a blog written a few weeks ago entitle, WHY I HATE SOCCER.


In the past weekend we've seen:

1) the ball actually WENT INTO THE GOAL and was not called a goal

2) offsides led to a goal, but was not called

3) a team was eliminated because of a penalty shoot-out.  Why not actually decide the winner of a soccer game by playing SOCCER? 

THANKS FIFA, for reminding the Americans why we hate soccer and why the rest of the world should hate soccer too.

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  • 6 years ago


    Penalties are perfect! If they both prove to be equally matched after 90 min of normal time and 30 min of extra time, then the right thing to do is go to penalties. Penalties displays both the skill of the shooter and of the goalie. It isn't just luck. Its fair
  • 6 years ago


    my argument has nothing to do with bad refs but with bad RULES.  Of course refs make mistakes in any sport...the problem is that the nature of the bad rules make bad mistakes by the refs happen just about every game, these are serious mistakes that determine the game.  these mistakes can mostly be avoided with changes in rules and with instant replay, yet FIFA refuses to do this.  WHY ?

  • 6 years ago


    Just because the refs are bad does not mean the game itself is bad. Yes, I few rules must be changed but the game is ok. Soccer is not the only game where refs make mistakes. I recall the 2008 Cheifs and Jets american football game where a Jets player was not called for pass interference when the Cheifs were about to win. Sports are not fair, and yes people like that little kid in the picture may be bad. But, these things don't only happen in soccer.

  • 6 years ago


    Deciding tied soccer games in elimination rounds is indeed a problem. If they were to implement sudden death, it would make the game even more defensive than it already is, since everybody would fear the counterattack.

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