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    • Restart Correspondence Chess?

      [AS OF THE 28TH OF JUNE, THIS IDEA HAS TURNED OUT TO BE AN EPIC FAIL] [I HAVE RESIGNED ALL MY GAMES AGAIN] I'm having a HARD time deciding now, whether to start again with the correspondence chess games.  I think I have improved a lot since th... | Read More

    • My games in the 1st Maharashtra Open International FIDE Rating Chess Tournament - 2013

      (Long name) Before I start, I want to tell everyone that I am unrated in all the 3 time controls - Classical, Rapid and Blitz. This was 90 min|30 sec classical. 245 players were registered at the start, with 97 rateds. I had gone to play here for... | Read More

    • Leaving Online Chess

      Yes, I am leaving Online (Correspondence) Chess. It was only recently that I understood that it is hindering my life out of I put myself on vacation and I enjoyed my life a lot, a lot better than how I felt it was here online. I liked ... | Read More

    • Stupid timeouts

      Alright, alright! I believe most of the readers would already have faced such situations, and I'm a new entry to this group. For the others, it might just give them a hint of how it feels to be. Yesterday morning, I log in, I see I have about 9-... | Read More

    • Long but interesting: An 88-move match

      This was one of the most interesting and long matches ever played by me. I was cornered and put into trouble several times. If the reader of this post ever watches the match I have inserted, and feels that I was giving up my Rook in the end lik... | Read More