clock cheating

Is it possible to cheat using the clock? See lots of comments from other players saying so and so cheats with clock.... have also seen problems in my own games enough to ask this question.. I know about lag so thats not the answer. Have played games where the connection is excellent and clock still seems a little funny to put it in a nice way....


  • 6 years ago


    well in my opinion lag is lag,2 expound on what El senior said concerning Tsmith's comment about clock cheating,what has really become undermined is the fact that internet speed becomes important in close games,even if u have the same operating system,one must remember that everyone's computer doesn't posess the same internet speed,and these games are being played via internet,therefore in close games whoever has the system with the fastest speed,i believe the clock responds accordingly and tenths of a second or even seconds begin 2 matter in who wins,aside from the fact that there is something particularly strange about the ticking of the clock on occasion.

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