Love people who offer a rematch when they win and refuse when they lose...just thinking out loud. Or how about higher ranked players who won't play a lower ranked player like it's beneath them....Have set my settings at times to 1-2700...and have lost to someone as low as 700 sorry to say..point being play who comes along or set your settings to reflect your high opinion of your self.


  • 5 years ago


    My level is very low, so I play with stronger players to improve my game.

    I never refuse a rematch, unless I really need to go. However I have discovered that 99.99 % of players are not too brave to accept a rematch, when they see that a lower rated player almost wins them.

    I think it's fare to always accept a rematch when time lets us keep playing.

    Interesting point TSMITH57, thank you.

  • 6 years ago


    Intersting point, I tend to think that I just want to play players in my level, and get good at beating them, takes forever but it keeps me close to the cause! lol. zing. I always say gg, win or lose. Except on online chess, I dont know why. I wish at times that I had a high opinion of myself! lol. hey oh! When I lose I know Im learning something, so I've learned that losing is natural and thats why I try to play aganist players of my strenght, to get beaten down until I snap out my confusion and rise above the odds! Very thought provoking article. Good job!

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