My First blog: Rising Ratings.

OK, so I am writing a blog for the first time. I thought I would talk about how I got my disasterous blitz rating. When I joined this site I was a fairly awful chess player- I didn't even know about castling! So, predictably, I lost 9/10 of my blitz games. leaving me with a 90% loss and 10% win graph ( they don't call me TheProfessor for nothing! Smile)   afer learning some chess and training myself I returned and in the space of 2 weeks I had a 50% win 48% loss and 2% draw graph and at one point going on a 9 game winning streak, I just had a 7 game winning streak, lost one ( boo-hoo) and then won two. Which means out of  my last ten games I won 9/10- oh the irony!

Anyways I'll be seeing you.


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