Whew, We're off to beat the Wiz!

YES, they were not so wonderful, and so people... you can exhale WHEW! This shall not be your last FSVL (you must know this acronym by now???) report from team RED ARMY (RA)WheeeW!

For a moment there it did not look rosy for team RA, White. Their opponents "Wallyjack's Wonderful Wizards Of Oz" (Wiz) do deserve some kind of 'PIP' (as we say in the Caribbean... don't ask me why) for their handle, dont they?  That should score high on the 'Zulu Naming Technology Index', which is responsible for such gems as 'Vuvuzela' :() Anyhow team Wiz, black, must have been wildly waving their wands on move #9.   When RA, after capturing control of a whole section of the Queen-side board; albeit at the expense of King-side development; suffered from a minor spate of the plague.

The viral DBV did not read the script. (If you've never had, or heard of, this virus just ask someone).  Up until then White had had the better of the 'Catalan Bogo-Indian' opening.  With time to complete King-side development too as Wiz were in no position to threaten.

In haste to vote before the DBV attacks, Black's cry for freedom move #9. ...a5 was overlooked by (3) split votes, and RA give-up a free pawn when a simple push would've sufficed, ...and left black weaker.

Solid structures though do not collapse at the first small magnitude quake RA did not panic. White just tried to stay close to their original motif of Queen-side dominance and Bishop diagonal control. 

It was during the mid-game though, that Wiz failed to press home their pawn advantage. Placing a knight on the edge; blocking an a-file they would've owned; they were out foxed by RA and were forced to give back the pawn in a combo that started at move #26. A combo that was almost undone by a DBV committing Queen matricide (Quatricide?!) by voting #26. Qa8?!! 

Luckily on this poll the (3) RA votes were not split and Qa8 lost 1-2 to the inspired #26. Qc6!  Black's ...Rb8 reply was simply incorrect, causing  f6 to fall two moves later.  Without Queens the RA bishops dominated. White's Rook assumed the patrol of the very a-file spurned by black to enter the enemy's 7th rank. Then RA's King-side pawn majority, skillfully advanced in the later stages, proved decisive.

Surprising the amount of players registered for team RA  as the voting never topped 4, maybe once 5, votes in the over 18 hour match. The mean poll being 3 votes. However RA was pleased to welcome several new contributors.

Congrats to all and see you in the Fortnight Speed Vote-chess League playoffs... well... not you Wonderful Wizards of Oz  :) 

Team Red Army (RA):  Coordinators- VuduChile (2130) opening; EternalHope (2060) middle-game; Manchero (1867) endgame.   

DonJuanDano (2244) Lattas (2239) The_Cad (2181) escral (2113) Karpikicks (2092) Eiwob (2078) Emma007 (2035) robemmet (2018) sramanigs (1961) cryptomega (1916) TimovieMan(1883) Daddy69 (1882) NewCrater (1813) Monsi (1794)  medo227 (1793) jwhitesj (1791) LYCAN148 (1694) protosskiller (1667) JagdeepSingh (1631) justjoshin (1591)  junelorena (1504) 
 Funandnice (1214) jiajia2009 (1200) and always Ysatters Kajsa 

Addendum(lagniappe as we say in T&T): Symptoms of DBV:-

  • run nose at the 1st sign of trouble (not unlike the Tin Man)
  • belong to a gazillion teams/groups (is Everywhere/Nowhere)
  • favorite singer is Britney Spears (or Elton John if female) 
  • song "Oops I did it Again" (or "Sorry seems to be the hardest word")
  • think reading post is a waste (or any chess study for a that)
  • has "hard ears" (another Trini thing... this you can ask)
  • fools all the team none of the time (but think they can)
  • knows how to CYA (an accounting thing, not unlike CPA)
  • pave the road to hell (not swearing, but like 'good intentions')
  • _________________ (blank, so you may add your own symptoms)

THE END (for real)


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    You are invited to join the...
  • 7 years ago


    Nice work, I like your style!

  • 7 years ago



  • 7 years ago


    Oops! correct Jagdeep, I had left you and Manchero by then. Must have been irksome to wait around checking for when the site came back online. I would have been zombiefied  ^_^

  • 7 years ago


    Wow, just gone for three days and voila! One Vote Chess game just came to pass and we pulled in a win! Congratulations people, looks like we'll be setting the tide! Maybe I should come here much more often...:)

  • 7 years ago


    Nice commentary on the opening and middlegame. By the time 10.00 Tokyo time arrived and I joined, we already had an advantage going into the endgame.

    The endgame isn't my strongest area, but EH stayed until we had an advantage and VC stayed until that turned into a clear pawn advantage with our bishop pair strong. Thanks to them both for many hours of hard work co-ordinating the votes and also to everyone who contributed to the game.

    The last few hours were a simple task of marching the h-pawn towards promotion, and black made several mistakes towards the end which made our job a little easier. Credit to the opponents for a sporting resignation...it could have been dragged out for several hours (as correct play could have caused us to play out another 20 moves = approx. 7 hours) but they resigned after Bf6 shown in the bottom diagram. They had  Bxf6, Kxf6  Nxe4+, but after white's Kg6 black would have neither counterplay nor a chance of preventing promotion.

    ...and yes that was a close call when the site went down. Fortunately we had a big advantage at the time and any of several moves were clearly winning, in fact the most obvious (continuing pushing the h-pawn) actually turned out to be best.

  • 7 years ago


    You forgot to mention that the game was then stopped for supposedly 1 hour by chess.com which then actually resumed earlier.  Luckly Manchero managed to put in 1 vote. 

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