End of the Rapids and Start of the Main Event

So in the 3rd round I was all the way down to playing a "C" player - the joys of the swiss system. It wasn't much of a game, but I'll give it here with some sparing comments.


So after this, I was in decent position to make a decent result with a decent effort in my last round. I got paired with another NM, and the result was quite similar to the 2nd round affair:


So another bad game for me, but afterwards (we were the last game to finish - if somehow my opponent is reading this, I apologize for that!), we went over his plans against the Maroczy, and it was good to analyze with a good player. All in all, not too bad a night, and I even gained a few rating points.

So now we go to the main event, a G/90 with 30 second increment 5-round affair over 2 days. I'm going to generally analyze a bit more on these games than on the previous ones.

The first round, I was paired against a "C" player, a young kid (this is not uncommon for our club) who I nevertheless was somewhat intimidated by - it's so hard to know how good these kids actually are. Here's the game:

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