NJSCF Tournament game - lost :(


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    You missed the attack on your e4 pawn, but also this isn't a good developing move because it doesn't influence a central square.  Also Black can take the knight and give you doubled rook pawns.

    You have a discovered attack against his bishop, so look for any threat you can make with the knight... if the threat it strong enough you can win the bishop.  You can, with Nxf7 threatening his queen.

    Play Nxf6+ instead.  This is a "pin it and win it" tactical pattern.  By taking with your knight you get a pin on his knight.  Can you pile up on it?  Yes, by following up with Qf3 and you'll win a piece.

    Here you have another tactical pattern, removing the defender.  The queen is doing double duty protecting the bishop and the knight.  You can't win the bishop because the knight can re-capture, but you can win the knight and leave the bishop out in the cold.  Play 11.Bxd5

    Black's dark squares are weak, and you jump right in!  This isn't a bad move, but there's no attack over there either because you don't have enough pieces on the kingside to support an attack.  (Otherwise it's fine, you could follow up with h4-h5 maybe).  But in the game it was better to castle or work on getting your knight into the game (it's the same as undeveloped if you leave it on a3.)

    He attacked your knight and threatens to win a pawn, better was Ng3.

    Developed with a gain of time, good move :)

    He wants to trade your somewhat passive queen for his queen which would have been fine on e7 or f6 so this wasn't a good move for him.

    Trying to pressure his f7 pawn, this is a good idea.  It doesn't quite work out in the game though, and I'm still looking for ways to get your knight on a3 into the game.

    20. Bxf7+
    A counting error I guess, now you're down a piece.

    Can stop looking at the game here, but wanted to note you started pushing your pawns forward and continued to ignore your knight.  It may seem like it doesn't matter, but if you don't use your knight even when you have the chance you're essentially giving him knight odds!

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    Thanks, Seth. Im trying to gain some experience in hindsight (not paradoxical at all, i know), so your helpful analysis will prove useful when i have time to carefully go through it. Once again, Thanks

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    My first point would be the old adage: "A Knight on the Rim is Grim." Opening the Knight to the edge of the board there truly serves little purpose (if any at all). It restricts the already limited movement of the Knight and does nothing to help you in controlling the center. 

    Next, I would suggest looking at 7. Nxf7! The setup is similar to a Fried Liver Attack (which is very fun to play as White!!!)

    Then, what about 11. Bxd5, hm? That would win a minor piece (unless I missed something in my analysis.

    Finally, 20. Bxf7?? is a huge blunder. Much better was Rd4. It keeps the material as is and gains a tempo. (And a pawn after the ensuing Nb5, which regains material equality).

    After that, it was simply a matter of not stalemating for black.

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    GUys, Please help me analyze this game and see what i could have done better. I have almost no experience, so any helpful advice (pertaining to the game) would be very welcome. Thanx!!!!!!!

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