Ask and you shall recieve

Ok I've had enough. There have been too many people using the conditional moves on myself so I ask of those who wish to challenge me if its alright to use these moves before my matches begin.

If they use one which is fairly obvious like in the opening or to capture a sray piece that is fine, however if I don't see the move that they play then I won't send a trophy after the match.

A great example of this was my recent match against someone called jkhough where he guessed all my moves before I could break his chain of moves, people like that in my view should be disciplined in manners towards thier opponents.

So if you are going to challenge me please ask me first if its ok to use these con ditional moves.

If everyone is fine with that then I'll accept challenges. If not I won't accept. I'm sorry to those who are pending a match I'll try and fit you in really soon. 


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