November '11 blog

Hi to all my fellow chess friends and opponents.

I'm dedicating this blog to billgill0.

It is the first topic I'll raise in this blog is friendship. As some of you are / may not be aware, my friend billgill0 is leaving, which is sad in a way but I can understand why.

He was a big helper in my early years on this site and he still owes me a pint of lager for some charity work I did for him lol. (just a joke people)

Anyway his farewell speech has become one of the most talked about topics today and from Light Force and all the other groups I'm in we shall wish him all the best for his career in the everyday life he leads.

If you would like to share your memories with him please leave a comment below.

Also earlier this month was Remembrance Day or Veterans Day depending where you are from. Everyone in my suburb of Mexico City stood still for a few mins on Remembrance day to mark the occasion.

I'm also still open for ideas on music, so if you would like your best x-mas number one in my next blog please comment below if you have any requests.

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