Valentine's Day Blog

Happy Valentine's Day to all out there.

This is also going to be my February blog as well.

There is one thing bugging me at the minute, and that is every time that I log in, I have 0 e-mails to read. However whence I click on the icon or link to e-mail I have about 3 - 4 e-mails to read.

I think that could be a bug that could be fixed really soon.

So back to the blog.

I would like to know if anyone received a valentine's day trophy and if you did you could comment on the saying inside and share it with me if you wanted to. I so far have not got a valentine's day trophy yet.:-s

However, I am looking forward to Feb' 29th, and because its the leap day I hope that I can share an intresting peice of history with you all. ( keep watching this space.)

I hope that you all have a good February, and I hope to post again on the 29th. 


  • 5 years ago


    Ok !

    Though i didn't get any trophy ,i got a very beautiful messge on my mobile which i would like to share with you :-

             "Speaking without egos,

             Loving without intentions,

            Caring without expectations ,

            Praying without selfishness 

           is a sign of  true relation !"

    (Belated ) Happy Valentine's Day !!!Smile

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