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Boris Gelfand was born 1968 in Minsk, Belarus (formerly part of the USSR), and emigrated to Israel in 1998 where he currently resides. He was awarded the GM title in 1989, and was one of the few players in the world to do so without first acquiring the IM title.  He will challenge Viswanathan Anand for the World Championship in 2012. (source :


Can you challenge yourself in these Gelfand puzzles?































  • 4 years ago


    Both Anand and Gelfand have played a bit "soft" chess lately, and maybe Anand the most. I would say it is rather open match, but maybe with an edge for Anand. He is after all higher rated.


    Anand puzzle blog post is coming soon from me. I plan to continue this little series.

  • 4 years ago


    Gelfand, a great technical fighter. Among my favorite players since 80´s until now.

    A superb professional and devoted to study chess. He´s a GMA who knows exactly how to win playing ambitiously and taking minimal risks (what seems a contradiction, but for me is a rare achievement).

    He has a solid, technical style, universal play, that would be compared to Portisch, Salov, Carlsen, Eljanov, and (why not?) Botvinnik and Tarrasch.

    A pity that his chances against Anand are minimal, but... let´s see!

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