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    • Vedic Mathematics (speed arithmetic)

      What is Vedic Math? It is a relatively new term that has been introduced into the lexicon only in the last fifty years. Re-discovered during the period 1911-1918 by a brilliant mathematician, philosopher and educator Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharathi... | Read More

    • Copy .......Paste. Very Funny!!

      A famous Inspirational Speaker said:"Best Years of My Life were spent in the arms of a Woman who was'nt my Wife."Audience was in Shock n Silence...He added;"She was My Mother." (Applause n Laughter!)A Top Manager tried to crack dis @Home.After a D... | Read More

    • Just Think!

      A Man was polishing his car. His 4yrs. old son scratched lines on car by stone. In anger man hit son's hand by hammer. Child lost all hs fingers. Child: Dad when will my fingers grow back? Man was hurt & speechless. He went back and kicked d... | Read More