Youtube channels for improving player

I'm currently fascinated about the increasing amount of quality chess videos for improving player. Some of the channels might be very familiar for you while others not so. 

- NM Jerry (ChessNetwork) some great videos, I especially like blitz live commentary videos as learning value there is greater than in those currently so popular 1 0 tourney videos (don't get me wrong, I'm an 1 0 addict myself)

- IM Christof Sielecki, FIDE 2402 (Chessexplained) has a staggering amount of blitz (and some standard) live commentary videos. This is my current favorite:

- CM Kingcrusher, haven't really browsed too much of his videos, but  he's a strong player, a lot to learn:

Then there are some videos of actual live blitz games, which I recommend:

- ChessInMotion has some nice videos from German Blitz Team Championship 2012 in Aachen:

- Chessvibes has amongst other videos some super GM live blitz:

I know this is just scratching the surface. Learning-wise I feel 15 0 videos are really good. Bullet tourneys are fun to watch while not so educational (and that's what I'm really looking forward to). It's also important to note that the authors need be strong enough (roughly 2000+)when doing live commentary videos not to simply give bad advice. I must stress that I'm here mainly for improvement, not entertainment. It's those bad habits and misconceptions we should unlearn :) 

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