Judy's Problems - Part III


Judy, The mid-19th century female chess talent who played the wonderful games in my previous posting, Judy, was also an extremely skillful chess problemist.  Her problems were published in the Illustrated London News, the Gateshead Observer,  Chess Player (edited by Kling and Horwitz), Home Circle and Staunton's Chess Players' Chronicle.

Rod Edwards researched and collected 60 problems of which 15 were cooked (through computer analysis) and sent me all of the good ones save 3.  My intention is to publish the entire collection - sans solutions - here in seven parts along with Mr. Edwards' notes.

Judy's Problems - Part I        
                         - Part II 

Chess problems by ‘Judy,’ (a.k.a. ‘Stella’)


Problems from the Illustrated London News (ILN):



Enigma No. 706

White, playing first, to mate in four moves. 

(ILN Jan. 3, 1852, p.11)

Note: the black pawn at a5 was originally given as being on c5, in conflict with the placement of the white bishop. The error was corrected the following week (ILN Jan. 10, 1852, p.35).










Enigma No. 707

White to play, and mate in six [should be five –RE] moves. 

(ILN Jan. 3, 1852, p.11)






Problem No. 426

White to move first, and mate in six moves. 

(ILN Mar. 20, 1852, p.243)











Problem No. 427

White to play, and mate in five moves. 

(ILN Mar. 27, 1852, p.258)






Enigma No. 726

White to play, and mate in four moves. 

(ILN Apr. 3, 1852, p.275)






Problem No. 430 - “Le Coup d’Etat”

White to play, and mate in four moves. 

(ILN Apr. 17, 1852, p.307)










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    Thanks for the posting but why not put them in using the problem editor? Would be nice to be able to solve them on screen. Will have a look at your Judy blog, she sounds an interesting person. Women accomplished some amazing things in the 19th century despite their position in society.

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    Help please lol. I'm really confuzzled =/

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