Morphy in the Weekly World News

Paul Morphy, 114 years after his death, finally reached the pinacle of any celebrity - inclusion in the Weekly World News. Admittedly it was only on page 47, but even that seems pretty good for a dead chess player.

Weekly World News June 9, 1998

But . . .

Just 10 years earlier, on November 15, 1988, the Weekly World News, always at the forefront of chess, had also published the famous Korchnoi-Maroczy account.


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    lol great find.

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    I think the one about Korchnoi is a bald-faced lie.  But maybe there's really a little girl channeling Morphy!

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    oginschile: I rule.

    You sure do. But I'd wish you'd take some time off your regal duties and write more!


    Biarien: I don't know which chess player's ghost I'm channeling, but he definitely wasn't very good.

    Can you change the channel??


    love_romance13: then i want to play with my fav player alekhine n tal

    If I were to play either of such men, I'd be too scared to even move.

    SavageLotus: Thanks for sharing!

    You're quite welcome. Thanks for reading it.  Yin and Yang?


    tanmay_chakrabarti: Good posting

    Thank you, as with SavageLotus above, thanks for stopping by.


    gretagarbo: As usual, thanks for your research and indepth response. That's as adequately terse an encapsulation of the Korchnoi-Maroczy affair as I've read.  Did you ever work for the WWN?  :-D

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    Good posting.

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     some interesting background about this game.

    The idea for the match came from Wolgang Eisenberg, Ph.D.

     Eisenberg chose a medium by the name of Robert Rollans to communicate with a grandmaster from the great beyond. A list of qualifying grandmasters were made up ( The grandmaster had to be deceased, an important qualification. and sometimes this was a difficult quality to ascertain). Rollans was asked to locate one chessmaster in the spirit world who would be willing to play a game. Dr Eisenberg searched for a living Grandmaster who was agreeable to the idea of playing a dead man. Enter the inimitable Victor Korchnoi.

     The moves were made by Rollans by way of "automatic writing" sent to Eisenberg and then to Korchnoi.

    The game started in 1985 and lasted 7 years and 8 months. Rollans died 3 weeks later, presumably to  meet Marcozy and play game 2.

    Several papers were written and published in the Journal of Society for Psychical Research which argued the game was legitimate and that Marcozy indeed was communicating through Rollans.




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    This was awesome - I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing! I love the WWN.

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    if its tru then i want to play with my fav player alekhine n tal lol n i wil keep with them in my head wenever i wil go to tournaments lol Cool

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    I don't know which chess player's ghost I'm channeling, but he definitely wasn't very good. :(

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    I'm not sure the name, but I channel a hop-scotch champion from Brooklyn Circa 1920. The neighborhood kids say they've never seen a fat grown-up hop-the-scotches like i do.

    I rule.

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