Morphy set to Music

A composer named F. Stowe, with the handle Zendada,  is apparently

developing some sort of musical opus based on Paul Morphy.

I can't play the music on my computer, but for those who can,

here are several pieces he's made available for previewing:

Paul Morphy Suite: Pt. I : Morphy's Susanna

Paul Morphy Suite: Pt. II : Aura Lee

Paul Morphy Suite: Pt. IIIa: Prelude to Battle

Paul Morphy Suite: Pt. IIIb: Morphy v. Anderssen



  • 8 years ago


    Clarification on this item:

    The Paul Morphy Suite is composed by Forrest Stowe. Some of the vocals included are by singer Anchor Mejans.

    To see a video of "The Ballad of Paul Morphy", visit:

  • 9 years ago


    Just to clarify:

    The creators of these pieces (The Paul Morphy Suite) are Forrest Stowe (a.k.a.: ZendaDa & the vocalist is Anchor Mejans). The pieces are currently up for listening on Sony's Acid Planet site on Zendada's page:

    This music (as yet the series is incomplete) is totally imaginary and only loosely based on some of the more colorful aspects of Morphy's life.

  • 9 years ago


    Morphy vs. Anderssen is perhaps the best there is.  If any of you have a chess set out, try going through the moves as the singer calls it out.  My hand hurts now.
  • 9 years ago


    "As I mentioned, I can't preview it myself"

     I would count my blessings.


  • 9 years ago


    As I mentioned, I can't preview it myself. But I'm glad to learn it does possess some quality. It's certainly an unusual choice for a musical work (although the 1984 musical Chess by Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and  Bjorn Ulvaeus also followed a chess match). I have to wonder how this idea came about.
  • 9 years ago


    ..must have been from Anderssen's perspective.
  • 9 years ago


    I got my funk on.

    Somehow the last one.. Morphy v. Anderssen sounded like chess on drugs.

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