Traps - Pt. 4

There are several good reasons why studying traps might be considered  important. First, of course, to avoid becoming a victim of one.  Second is to recognize the opportunity of gaining a quick victory.  But the third reason is the best one, I believe: since traps, by their very nature, are not at all obvious and take advantage of poor play (particularly, though not exclusively, in the openings), understanding how traps work reveal to us certain secret tactical truths in postions that we may never have learned on our own. 

The last reason is as obvious as the first:  they are fun!

For this posting I've selected traps involving unexpected Queen forks when one side carelessly forays into enemy territory, crossing the 4th rank in the opening.     

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



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    And oh, I keep the rest of my copy the article as comments in the multigame-pgn file.


    BG wrote> "[..]when you open KGA_traps.pgn[..]"

    My copy of batgirl's article on KGA traps is almost called that in fact: KG_traps.pgn :) [well since the KG is usually accepted, I saved a character[*] -- KGD_traps.pgn file will come into existence ASAP if-and-after a collection of KGA traps is posted...]

    [*] and then spent dozens of characters here explaining why ... well, there will be a saving I hope if one counts character-reader units [as in (hu)man-hour units] :)

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    BG, That's what I meant - perhaps I was too laconic [when I said I <...> copy the pgn i meant copy to a pgn file - which, for english-language pgns IS a plaintext file. The extension thing is OS-dependent, but I agree that extensions determining file associations is convenient - I myself give those plaintext files the .pgn extension, even on other-OS machines [through which I do NOT connect to]...

    BG could consider providing plaintext pgns in a post immediately after the articles - considering that the 'diagram taking too long to load' problem has been around on for some time now.

    Speaking for myself, ever since this problem arose, I post plaintext-pgns first, and say that any reader is welcome to diagram them.

    And when I had posted those 80-odd Sultan Khan wins --- for me it would be a nightmare to diagram them all..

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    Good thoughts on saving files, NJY!

    One additional thing could be that, once you open a text (i.e pgn) file with notepad - or with your text editor of choice -  you could name a file something like KGA_traps.pgn and paste ALL the KGA games into the one file (and more can be pasted at any later time). That way they're all together in a logical place and when you open KGA_traps.pgn with winboard or some other viewer, you'll get a list of the games and you can easily and quickly pick the game(s) to view) or copy the viewed game to clipboard and paste someplace else. 

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    This might help some readers re diagram not loading:

    Well I don't take chances - here is what I do with articles with important diagrammed pgns in the aricles themselves and/or responses: [lately mainly likesforests's and batgirl's] -

    I wait till whatever load; then copy the pgn. [I create a text file with the text and the pgn; in likesforests' case he has been using jpgs [1] for static diagrams so I 'copy image' - say xyz.jpg - and in the plaintext file where the image should be I put in <xyz.jpg.>

    Like, I got all the 'traps' on my hard-disk by patiently copying pgns of all diagrams that loaded - took 30 tries but it was in between other work so no time/energy wasted - for whatever didnt load I put the stub 'herehere' [i uses it from my programming days - it means something specific remains to be inserted here - I use 'herehere' as a stub-word since long ago [1975] because there is very little likelihood of a 'false positive'.

    [1] I prefer png on principle [open-source/non-proprietary standards], but that's another topic.. I learnt that mp3 is also proprietary, so I have started converting all my mp3 audio files to nonproprietary format..]

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    Thanks for the comments.  I've had the same problem even previewing before posting. Sometimes they all load with no hesitation; sometimes none load at all; sometimes a couple load.  Putting 8 games on a single page probably wasn't my greatest idea.

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