Weakness of Engines - Part #1: Bendcat vs Fritz 5.32

Recently I see the post of free Fritz 5.32 Chess Software here in chess.com downloads, and I try if I can beat it. Fritz is very hard opponent, but onetime fritz fall into my opening Giuoco Piano and the rest of the moves makes the fritz crazy.Laughing


You can try this moves in different chess engines if you want.

And give me a feedback if your chess engine reply different moves from this game (from the 7th move above), and I'll try my best to analyze it and I'll post it in my blog. 

This is NOT 100% win in all computers, maybe my processor is slower than your computer processor, maybe the difference in our computer processor will change the result of this game. LUCKY!Laughing



  • 9 years ago


    Hi TraglorfBob,

    Can you give me the list of moves of the macintosh chess program.

  • 9 years ago


    That was a pretty cool game.  Fritz 5.32 isn't a horrible engine, but there are way better ones out there now.
  • 9 years ago


    I tried it against the macintosh chess program on highest difficulty. No luck. Laughing
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