Annotated Miniature 2: Bird - Lasker

I have mentioned the benefits studying Chess miniatures before. This game features the Danish Gambit where White sacrifices several pawns for rapid development, and then tries to sacrifice a piece which Black declines, and at the end, I could not find a better a way to explain what happened, without paraphrasing what Jesus said regarding setting your priorities straight. I hope you enjoy the game. Your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and comments are welcome.


  • 7 years ago


    I can't believe that was Lasker. Bird made him look like an amateur.

  • 7 years ago


     This was Blitz game. Lasker's score against Bird was +16-4.

  • 7 years ago


    hmmm i hav doubt this lasker played this game cuz its not his style to play game anyway its briliant game by white

  • 7 years ago


    Terrible playing by black, i mean if Lasker was playing black i'm sorry but i didnt like his style in this game... too late in development of pieces gettin busy eating pawns..

  • 7 years ago


    its really hard for me to believe that that was lasker no the recieving end!

  • 7 years ago


    lasker played so poorly

  • 7 years ago


    Awesome game! Thanks for posting!

  • 7 years ago


    Well after 3 Nf3 c5 white can offer a gambit similar to in the scandinavian with c3, which not only gives white development but also positional compensation in a weak d pawn and hole on d5. So After Nf3 it would probably just transpose into the scotch. My guess is that black just can't get away with ...Qg5 if he's down this much development. So white correctly sacced the third pawn and opened the g file, and I like how he used it indirectly with Bxf7+! when all of white's pieces are ready to attack, and a nice mate to finish it off. i actually haven't seen this miniature before, maybe because it was blitz. I think it's recomended that black plays ...d5 to return at least one and maybe two pawns, but does anyone know if there is actually real theory on lines where black gives nothing back? I can't find it in MCO, but if there wasn't one you'd think they would at least show how black must lose.

  • 7 years ago


    Pass me the Danish, please. Sweet!

  • 7 years ago


    That just made my day. -Christian

  • 7 years ago


    wow! Lasker outplayed like he is a patzer, not a common thing to see. I doubt he would play this way on a rated game though.

  • 7 years ago


    Go Bird!

  • 7 years ago


    A lovely little game by the always surprising HE Bird. Bird was never bound by conventional thought. His last two Knight moves are simply sweet. Thanks.

  • 7 years ago


    Lovely, a nice - short - violent gambit.  who doesn't love that!

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