Anthony Santasiere vs David Bronstein Radio 1945 · Polish Opening: Zukertort System (A05) · 0-

Some notes by Santasiere:

18. 0-0? "After 18.Nc3! White's game is probably won. If then 18...Nxf3+ 19.Bxf3 Qe5 20. Nd5! Qa1+ 21.Bd1! and not 21.Qd1 because of 21...Bc3+."

After 26.Nb5: "I thought my chances more than good in this ending, but White's c-pawn must be held or Black's b-pawn captured."

27. Rb1? "27.f4! relieves the mating threat and threatens Rd7, Nd6, etc."

"The game took fifteen hours -- and much of it in time pressure for both players! Imagine playing rapid transit by radio!"


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    <After 18.Nc3! White's game is probably won.> Santasiere was known for his over-optimistic analysis. After 21.Bd1 Qa5+ the white knight on d5 looks pretty, but white can't castle and black has the bishop pair.

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