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    • one thing i love

      i love when you are playing somebody  (azchael) and you have one move for checkmate and the guy wont move and you lose because you have to go on vacation... IHOPE YOU FEEL REAL GOOD PEOPLE FOR BEATING A PERSON WHO DIDNT HAVE ACCESS TO A ... | Read More

    • the shortest game

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    • cant finish games

      for all of the people i am playing, i cannot finish the games because i am going out of town for a week, so that is why i will be offering draws. but if you dont accept the draws and make me resign because i run out of time, i hate you and you can... | Read More

    • one thing i dont like.......

      when people actually take the allowed time to move, "look at me my name is (not saying) but im gonna make claytonjester wait 6 hours for my move hehe".................not funny guy, hurry the f%^k up,thats why you are getting owned with ... | Read More

    • im done with chess

      hey guys im gonna be quitting chess because i need to focus more on aviation and getting into the air force academy and i never was really good so f%^k it! | Read More

    • off topic but what the heck

      hey i know this is random but is anybody here a pilot | Read More

    • what do yall think about this game

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