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    Of the bat, why would white give a bishop away?

    It is good that black took the bishop.

    Next move why check on e5 when the queen protects that square?

    Then black didn't take the knight.

    Black would have eliminated two of whites pieces.

    On move five, black could have taken the knight again but failed to do so.

    Black and White both need to learn to use the pieces that they have.

    Maybe a basic game played against each other would help and here is one that I use to train beginning players. . . . . Denver.

    When you set up the board. Do not put the king anywhere. It is blacks queen against all white pawns.

    Black queen goes on d8.

    If white gets a single pawns to the eight rank then white wins.

    Black wins by wiping out all the pawns. It is touch move. Think before you move. No time limit.

    White moves first. I suggest white moves 1. d3 as his first move so he won't lose a pawn right off the bat.

    After you know how to handle this playing either try it using a rook against the pawns. Then two rooks against the pawns . . . Try it using two knights against the pawns . . . . Try it using two bishop . . .

    This will improve your use of pieces and pawns making you a better player.

    Hope this helps you.

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