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    • So I'm skipping the weekly tourney tonight

      I'm skipping this week to concentrate on at least understanding opening theory a little more.  I'm going to read Capablanca's thoughts as well as Nimzovitch's thoughts.  I'm going to develop a bit of a repitoire before trying my hand at it again... | Read More

      • donsolo
      • | Jan 18, 2010
    • I went 1-4 last night, and I'm thrilled

      I played in my very first OTB tournament last night.  It wasn't a large event.  There were 18 people there.  It was swiss format.  I had a by right before that round.  I got crushed by far superior players otherwise. This guy was better than... | Read More

      • donsolo
      • | Jan 12, 2010
    • New Year's Chess Resolution

      So 2009 has come, and gone far too quickly and the last couple weeks, my game has been slipping.  I've missed some pretty spot-able tactical things, I keep blundering etc. So here's my new year's resolution.  I'm going to go to great effort to ... | Read More

      • donsolo
      • | Jan 4, 2010
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    • Open with an opening I guess...

      So I'm not very good.  I'm going to use this as a sort of place to keep track of my thoughts.  I've done blogging before for music theory which is what I went to school for but this is going to be a touch more personal. Some background. I'm go... | Read More

      • donsolo
      • | Dec 2, 2009
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