New Year's Chess Resolution

So 2009 has come, and gone far too quickly and the last couple weeks, my game has been slipping.  I've missed some pretty spot-able tactical things, I keep blundering etc.

So here's my new year's resolution.  I'm going to go to great effort to employ the advise of a grandmaster (the name escapes me), "Always ask 'Am I Blundering?'"

Now, we all try to do this but in the heat of it all, you can make a silly error and forget to really look hard at what the result of your move will be.

I can spot a tactical opening, at least the simpler ones, my goal this year is to not allow a position where my opponent will be able to spot one on me!

Keeping up with improving the tactical thought process as well as working on this, I should be able to improve.

Happy playing and happy 2010!


  • 4 years ago


    I find that the hardest part of chess is to do the tactical practice, it is boring and disheartning, almost like learning how to type, just do the darn thing and your mind or eyes will start seeing where the advantages are. Right now stuck at tactical rating of 1580, probably another 10 hours in the trainer to get to 1620. Good luckl.  

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