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Ok, chess has lots of interesting things to it, but for me the  most fun has always been to really go for it, and score a knockout. It doesn't happen all the time, but honestly, all those other games where I grind away for 60 moves to win or lose a pawn... are just part of the waiting process for the slugfests. Today I did not have a chance to work on any of my goals, but I had a blast!

Also of note: this morning, my coach sent me an email: a chess poem. Although we only have a few free minutes in the morning between shower, breakfast and dressing and the commute, I felt I wanted to call him and thank him quickly on the phone. We had not spoken in a bit, but he'd been reading my blogs and approved of what I'm trying to do right now with my chess, which meant so much to me. It was really encouraging; I felt so good because of that.

In other tournament news, Kayden won again, with black, against an IM! He was up a piece after about 12 or 13 moves; looked like a really easy game for him. So now he has 3.5/4, about half-way to his first norm. Hopefully he's not thinking about that too much, because he has to keep his present form all the way through round 8 or 9 probably to make it. He still has a bunch of tough games ahead of him, but right now he's looking so good, it's really awesome and exciting for those of us who know him!

Finally, I think there have only been 2 draws so far through 4 rounds, with one game still being played (atoufi-banawa, for the first time, Kostya's game was not the last to finish).


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  • 6 years ago

    IM dpruess

    Robert Haines. we don't work together anymore (as you know if you read my blog, I don't work on my chess, only on helping others), but he trained me from the moment I started playing in tournament at age 12 through my first couple years of college and making 2400. and though i don't work on my chess much anymore, we're still very close, and he'll always be "my coach."

  • 6 years ago


    Who's your coach David?

  • 6 years ago


    Ah, so you ARE having fun! :D

  • 6 years ago


    Nice game. Props to Kayden who has received some "hater" press in the forums for his success in the past. Next is for Pruess to reveal the secret identity of his coach and to explain a bit about how he calculates when he takes long to move...

    Living vicariously, I remain,


  • 6 years ago


    nice game exhibiting creativity giving up the c and d pawns to pre-occupy black's queen while white's two rooks align into position helping the queen to trap black's king. similar to a blog yesterday, this is another sac the exchange resulting to a potential forced mate!

    black i think underestimated the power of 12.e4. congratulations for the win.

  • 6 years ago


    Beautiful rook sacrifice! This is the David we love to see. 

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