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    • The Hunt for an Ideal Training Routine

      The mission continues, as it always does, but at last I feel I that I may be beginning to do some things in the right, or at least a better, way. An example of a recent training day from my training diary follows. It basically reflects what I curr... | Read More

    • Upcoming N.S.W. Chess Events

      For those interested, below are the details of upcoming chess events in N.S.W. over the next month.     INAUGURAL MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY CHESS CHALLENGE This event is restricted to players with a current University ID card (both students and sta... | Read More

    • Building a Study Program

      With some help, I have begun the task of putting together a much more functional and ongoing training routine for myself to follow. THE ELEMENTS As I need to work on my weaknesses, of which there are many, my training will focus on the followi... | Read More

    • Learning Endgames and Pawn Play

      Well, I'm loving and all of its nifty educational offerings. Tactics Trainer, Chess Mentor, Video Lessons, Computer Workouts, Study Plans, etc. What more could an aspiring chess player need? I'm basically self-taught through a few books ... | Read More