Building a Study Program

With some help, I have begun the task of putting together a much more functional and ongoing training routine for myself to follow.


As I need to work on my weaknesses, of which there are many, my training will focus on the following elements:


After some effort, I managed to nab a copy of Understanding Tactics, by Martin Weteschnik. I was looking for Chess Tactics from Scratch, but I guess I will just have to make do. I will examine this material by setting up the positions and then studying them OTB.


In terms of practical application/testing, I have available:

- Tactics Trainer here on

- A large database of tactical training exercises in Chessbase

Strategy & Attack

In order to help me study important ideas and advice on how to plan and attack, I am most grateful to a mysterious stranger for donating a copy of Winning Chess Strategies, by GM Yasser Seirawan. In order to make the review of this material more effective, I will again setup the games and examine them OTB.

Master Games Study

Again, I am very lucky to have been given another important book that I shall be using to experience the beauty and grace of master play, My Great Predecessors Part 1, by GM Garry Kasparov. Once once again the plan is to setup the games on a real board and ideally spend 90 minutes per game playing solitaire chess (guessing or predicting moves).

Practice Games

Long-time control training games for the purpose of applying studied principles.


So, my basic daily routine might include the following:


30 minutes - Everyday Subject: Tactics

  - theory: Weteschnik, Understanding Tactics

  - training exercises (chessbase)

  - tactics trainer (


90 minutes - Major Subject: Strategy

  - Theory: Seirawan, Winning Chess Strategies

  - Master Games: Kasparov, My Great Predecessors, Part 1


90 minutes - Play: Themed training games

  - long-time control games

  - apply studied principles


Any extra time - Openings


Ok, now, here's my attempt at balancing this out over the week:


A work in progress. Feedback welcome :B


  • 4 years ago


    Great! :)

  • 4 years ago


    Nice! Thank you very much. I quite like the endgame so that book sounds excellent, so excellent in fact that I just ordered myself a copy.

  • 4 years ago


    I was going to tell you to change Kasparov book since I thought it was too advanced. Most people don't like Karpov as an author so I didn't get any of his books. But the endgame book on Karpov's games by Tibor Karolyi is incredible. Here is the link, you will love it if Karpov is your chess hero. 

  • 4 years ago


    hi! still going. :) much improvement but still so far to go. i need to play many more themed games as practice drills to help force the integration of new skills and concepts

    life being as uncooperative as it sometimes is, i have had trouble sticking exactly to schedule, but still manage to spend at least 2 hours per day on chess. 

    changes to routine? have dropped Kasparov book in favor of My Best Games by Karpov, and also picked up a copy of Find the Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov. Karpov is now my chess hero.

    Thanks for the curiosity.

  • 4 years ago


    So how did it go? :)

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