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    • Top 10 Questions in Live Chess, Answered

      Top 10 Live chess help and support room questions: Q: how do I castle?A: Move the king two squares. Rook moves automatically, if castling is legal. Q: I am getting Fair Play policy warnings, but I'm doing nothing wrong. The server keeps aborting ... | Read More

    • Gentle Readers: Etiquette in Live Chess Games

      According to Wikipedia, etiquette “is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group.” More simply put, etiquette is a set of rules about... | Read More

      • groteskbold
      • | Nov 16, 2010
    • Help! displaying games on a site

      Arrrggghhh! I'm so frustrated. I am hoping 1 million great brains on can help out. I am trying to turn annotated PGNs into "clickable" chess games to display on a Joomla web site. We started out using Chessflash (, wh... | Read More

    • "Oh, no! I have to play as black now?"

      Yes, indeed. has changed the live chess game seeks so members can no longer specify color. Members can still select color when challenging an individual, just not when putting up a seek. Color in game seeks is now assigned randomly by th... | Read More

      • groteskbold
      • | May 11, 2010
    • Useful responses to "Any hot girl want to play chess with me?"

      This question flies by at least once a day when I'm in live chess. By the time I see it the fourth time in an hour, I'm about ready for some wise-guy (or, more appropriately, "wise gal") answers. To that end, I offer the following, and invite you... | Read More

      • groteskbold
      • | Mar 16, 2010
    • What's in a name? Definition of the tyopographic term "grotesque" (or Grotesk): See "other names for sans-serif" in this article: | Read More

    • Cheers to my British Buddies

      Here's what they're saying about you on our public radio | Read More