Chess Doppelgangers

Hey everyone, something I recently noticed was that there are a few chess players out there who resemble some "real world" celebrities. I just wanted to share them here with you because it's quite funny to me and I enjoy looking at these pictures quite a bit. Obviously they're not going to be perfect look-a-likes but I think the resemblance is definitely there!

The first one is GM Alexander Grischuk of Russia and untitled Chris Martin of Coldplay:

The next one is GM Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Charles Carver, who plays Porter Scavo on the ABC series "Desperate Housewives"
The next one is 12th World Champion GM Anatoly Karpov of Russia and Paul McCartney of The Beatles:
Next (as mentioned on we have GM Fabiano Caruana of Italy and Harry Potter:
Last but not least, GM Mikhail Botvinnik, the patriarch of the soviet chess school, and Woody Allen:
I'm sure there are plenty more out there, so let me know if you can think of any more comparisons!


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    My Karpov Doppelganger is better than yours i think.

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    Nice collection of celebrities, I enjoyed all but the Paul McCartney of the beatles don't look like Anatoly Karpov,I think. Paul did look like Al Pacino of Scarface!

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    I also agree with chadbournedownes that chess players should get a life! :D

    However, the political analysis that you bring in, man...well, seems to me biased (and misinformed) at the very least.

    I agree. It is VERY sad that people (in YOUR country...why you say "this country?" had to be American man, what a presumption! I didn't know was an all-american site! :D) don't know the name of YOUR VP (Baden, or Biden, right? Basic knowledge for a non-American) or the main Republican front-runners (there are many, but frankly...Ron Paul sounds like Sean Paul, Mitt Rodney like Mickey Rourke...I agree with Poopsmagee, it's mostly a circus, most politicians will just follow a pretty similar script once they are elected, they just owe to many favours to the lobbys that made them elected)...but dude, saying that a "country is threatening Israel and the US with nuclear weapons"? Come on! I'm not saying that they are not dangerous, or unreliable...but you guys invented the f'ing bomb, and have more than anybody else! You should watch less Fox News, more "the daily show" dude! [I also recommend Bill Hicks stand ups, he was a Texan].

    Also, you should say WHICH country are you talking about: many of your connationals would probably have never heard of it, but it's one of the oldest and most evolved  cultures of the World, and are to be praised for many things, including chess...have you ever heard of Persia?]

    Another very related video, even if a bit old (evidently, things don't evolve very rapidly in the USA). This was done by some funny guys (CNNNN) from down under making fun of American ignorance (actually these are all real interviews...even if I WANT to believe -for the sake of you and your connationals- that they were including in this sketch only the most ridiculous ones: 

    And finally, just for the precision (I'm Italian after all): Rome under Nero was pretty far away from its "ultimate end" burnt (says the legend after him), and then was rebuilt again. After Nero (only the 5th emperor, and the last of the Juliae) came for example the Flavian and the Nervan dinasties (which were the most powerful), as well as others such as Domitianus, Constantinus, Justinianus...the Roman Empire was still the epithome and unrivalled ruler of the "known" World for at least 3 more centuries after Nero (and then it survived in the Western, Rome-based form until 476 AD...and in the Eastern side...well...until 1473!! I bet u didn't know that neither?

    I agree that fascination with celebrity (which unfortunalely is not rampant only in "this" country, but pretty much anywhere) should be replaced...but I think that basic history and geography come BEFORE politics (if not, you simply won't understand the issues at stake).

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    Funny and entertaining. Good one, Kostya. As for the critics...well, maybe they should get a life. Chess is not everything, and everything shouldn't ever be about chess. Cheers

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    1) The article was fun ... I am not obsessed with celebrity and even I can see that it is a fun diversion

    2) chadbournedowns - "get a life" is a bit negative. I also do not know if a chess website is an appropriate forum for political speach. In it's purist form, chess is something we all enjoy with people from all over the world, and I don't think your post was relevant to people having a little fun, thus Poopsmagee comment. By the way, I agree with your "Amusing ourselves to Death" sentiment, and it is in many ways correct. I assume you have read this book based upon your comments. If not, I suggest you do, as it is was prescient in my view. I still think we should prehaps stay away from Politics and least on this website. Thanks.

    3) Poopsmagee - I understand your point of view. However I would make the point that not getting involved just allows the few that do vote (the older) to have just that much more power. I would submit for your approval that elections have consequences "Bush anyone?" and voting for an Obama is vastly superior to a Bush (or a Romney will be). When the negativity and cynicsm causes people to check out the people running the puppet show win. There is always the lesser of two evils. Real people get elected, and they make real laws, and pass real budgets, and this effects everyone else. I choose to believe we are not all helplessly doomed yet and there is still hope. I grant I may be wrong...perhaps our neighbors to the north have a more unbiased view then those of us in the middle of US politics. All that said I DO UNDERSTAND the sentiment and can't bring myself to blame anyone that feels this way, even though I think the decision not to get inovlved is ultimately wrong. 

    4) And for everyone else, I think 2 + 3 above sort of make my point about keeping the politics out. 

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    Wow, I didn't know any of these except Caruana :D

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    I heartily suggest that this group of chess players "get a life". Fascination with celebrity is rampant in this country. I am always sad when people I meet, in and out of the chess world, can name pictures of or movies which a celebrity was in, but ask them who the VP is or who are the Republican front runners and incredibly...."


    We choose the worlds we want to live in. Yours appears to be in the world of U.S politics, which is the biggest fantasy world of them all.


    It's mitt romney too, yet virtually little coverage on ron paul in maintstream media. He addresses issues like the major drug abuse problems rampant in your country and woes of the federal reserve. Nonetheless its all a puppet show, being an american citizen, you should know that (you sparked a powder keg of anger when you throw the 'getting the youth involved in politics' pitch).

    Politics are just a poisonous branch of our current structure we deem as 'society'. I'm 25 and the reason why I don't want to get into politics is due to this theoretical timeline; I'll spend all these years, say followin Ron Paul, once he gets into office, bam, mask comes off and he's just playing to his coporate sponsorship's tune. I get frustrated, angry, and negative and start posting comments on chess websites like yours. Venting frustration out that has no where to go because nothing will ever change in the world of politics. No thanks, i'll just play chess and do what makes me happy. 


    Ask yourself this, being politically involved, and spouting your beliefs...does that make you happy?

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    I heartily suggest that this group of chess players "get a life". Fascination with celebrity is rampant in this country. I am always sad when people I meet, in and out of the chess world, can name pictures of or movies which a celebrity was in, but ask them who the VP is or who are the Republican front runners and incredibly, what country is threatening Israel and the US with nuclear weapons and delivery system development, and in all cases, I get blank stares. This chess phenomenon may seem harnless, but it is indicative of what we are interested in and the whole situation is reminding me of Rome under Nero and near its ultimate end, where the government kept the mind of its citizens on games and processions, while the barbarians massed at the gates. Just a counterpoint to consider.

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    great pictures:)thanks a lot

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    Very nice jokes-and now ,please-who is My counterpart? (i think-I'm ONLY ONE! ,but maybe...).

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    LOLOLOL I laughed so hard at the fabian caruana and harry potter one.

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    Surprisedhe he

  • 5 years ago


    Two eyes, match.

    Lips, check.

    Hair, evident.

    Skin, yes. 

    Nose and both nostrils - afirmative. 

    :) Clearly distant relatives, possibly separated at birth. :)

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    The resemblance of Botvinnik to Erwin Schrodinger is notable.

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    GM Ivan Cheparinov and James Franco. Bam!

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    OMG the harry potter one is dead onSmile Are they related

  • 5 years ago


    Teimor Radjabov


    and John Lennon

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