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A couple years ago, as an improving 1800 player making a rapid climb to the coveted "expert" plateau (2000+), I found few things annoyed me more than "lifetime 1800's" (as I contemptuously called them) who maintained their mediocre results by stealing "garbage wins" with "cheap trick" openings.  

For the most part, I was able to avoid losing to these players thanks to my ample (for an 1800) opening preparation.  At the time, my repertoire consisted of 1. e4 mainlines as white, and 1. ...e5/Grunfeld as black against e4 and d4 respectively.  It turns out that such a narrow repertoire saved me a great deal of trouble.  

Nevertheless, in an effort to help those players trying to improve, or if not, to steal of few weapons from those "lifetime 1800's" we all know, I have decided to begin work on a series of blogs designed to challenge "trash openings". 

Each blog will contain a suggested response to a specific 'trick' opening.  Often, the response will be an outright refutation of a horrible opening.  In other cases, the best modern theory has been able to accomplish is find a risk-free position with only the slightest of advantages.  I will also include lines that many people find 'problematic' to face, and show a (relatively) simple path to equality for the black pieces.  

The length of this series will be dependant entirely on reader response.  If you have an opening question/problem that you would like to be discussed in this blog, or if you would like to present a refutation for me to review, please send me a private message on this site!  And so, without further adieu, I refer you to Part 1 of this series.


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    NM ih8sens

    Lol .  These are almost 4 years old but I've helped a lot of players in the meantime, and players who prefer to stick to their own little world and play garbage gambits deserve to be beat up by good analysis every once in a while.

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    This is pretty nifty. Thanks for doing this

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    I confess to discovering your blogs after your game was featured in Silmans recent article however I am finding them to be excellent and enjoyable reads. I particularly enjoy this series on trick openings as it will surely help me to create a repoirte against openings that I will come across occasionally at club level. Despite this, I am likely to continue using the Budapest as a rare weapon to pull out against unprepared opponents Laughing Keep it up

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    i find your blogs instructive tell me if you had to guess what specific rating level are they geared towards.

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    Just because an opening isn't popular or particularly sound doesn't make it a "trick opening".

    I like your idea of trying to refute openings you consider unsound one by one, but there's no need to imply that practioners of these openings are tricksters looking to unfairly steal wins. 

    I'll be waiting for your Smith-Morra article as that is my opening of choice after 1.e4 c5.  I'd also like to see the King's gambit Bc4 variation.

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