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    • First tournament with Wallyjack

      So now I've got 8 games going at once, 2 with each opponent, in my first online tournament. The Game Explorer is a great resource, leading me through the pitfalls and possibilities of the opening moves. Hoping I'll get into the middle game with so... | Read More

    • In the thick of it

      I'm 15 moves into my first three online games, and it's clear I have a lot of rust to clean off the chess pipes. Slowly or not so slowly the nooses constrict, and my opponents inch to victory with small inexorable advantages. I'm happy... | Read More

    • Discovering Chess Mentor

      Today I investigated Chess Mentor under the "Learn" tab of Played through a few lessons. This is fun! I may subscribe. | Read More

    • First Post

      This is my first post to I've followed directions, filled out my profile, started a game with Patzer24, and I don't really know what to expect. But I am looking forward to this after 13 years of inactivity with chess. Good to be... | Read More