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    • Rashid Nezhmetdinov Documentary Film

      The Soviet Chessmaster Rashid Nezhmetdinov was one of the most feared attacking players in chess history. Although not well known in the west, he won many brilliancy prizes and defeated most of the best players of his era, including Mikhail Tal, B... | Read More

    • Nicolas Rossolimo Documentary

      "Rossolimo: Chess Artist"   Nicolas Rossolimo is best known today for the "Rossolimo Variation" of the open Sicilian. In fact, however, he was a feared attacking chess artist who devoted his entire life to the game over four decades and three c... | Read More

    • Akiva Rubinstein and Polish Chess Documentary Video

      This series examines Polish chess history from the Medieval period to the end of the Second World War. Part one discusses the origins of chess in Poland, and the rise of world class masters such as Szymon Winawer and Johannes Zukertort.  The seri... | Read More

    • Rezső Charousek video biography

      Part One In the last round of the great 1896 Nürnberg tournament, World Champion Emanuel Lasker was beaten by an almost totally unknown player: 23 year old Hungarian Rezső Charousek. This was the stunning start to one of the shortest, and most ... | Read More

    • Paul Morphy video biography Part three

      In this segment Morphy finishes his match with Daniel Harrwitz and plays his famous Opera House game against the Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard. He receives a challenge from the fearsome German champion Adolf Anderssen, arguably the best ches... | Read More

    • Paul Morphy video biography Part four, five, and six

      Part Four:   In this segment Morphy finishes his Match against Adolf Anderssen, despite being so ill that he is unable to leave his Hotel. After a Match against August Mongredien, Morphy returns to London with his good friend Jules Arnous de Ri... | Read More

    • Paul Morphy video biography Part Two

      In this segment Morphy arrives in London, and Howard Staunton begins his long quest to avoid playing a match with him. While he waits, Morphy plays matches against Johann Lowenthal, John Owen, and Henry Bird. He travels to the fabled Cafe de la Re... | Read More

    • Paul Morphy video biography Part one

      Paul Morphy biography Paul Morphy is widely considered to be one of the purest chess geniuses in history, with a fabulous ability to attack with combinative wizardry. Bobby Fischer regarded him to be the "most accurate" player in history. The seg... | Read More

    • The ptarmigan weeps

      Not many ptarmigans can play chess. I do though. I love chess! | Read More