Akiva Rubinstein and Polish Chess Documentary Video

This series examines Polish chess history from the Medieval period to the end of the Second World War. Part one discusses the origins of chess in Poland, and the rise of world class masters such as Szymon Winawer and Johannes Zukertort.  The series concludes with a discussion of Poland's Chess Olympiad success in the 1930s and the catastrophic effect of the Holocaust on Polish chess culture.

This video documentary was written by Jessica Fischer

Voice over narration by Richard Dewoskin




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    Blunderprone:   Thanks for dropping in here with that valuable information- As I mentioned, your work on the Curacao 1962 tournament is very impressive, a big help to all of us.

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    Nice documentaries!

    I’d like comment briefly about the abortive World Title match between Lasker and Rubinstein. From what I've read, Lasker was appalled by how Steinitz died in poverty despite his World Champion status. This may have been part to blame why he asked for such exuberant prize funds to defend the title. Unfortunately, Rubinstein didn’t have the financial backing like Schlechtor  and Janowski. So he could never accept the terms or be in a position to financially negotiate with Lasker. 

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    Paul- you are very welcome and thanks for taking time to comment!

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    Thank you for having written and posted the documentary!

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